Altura Tabletop Mini Tripod Review

mini tripod

It’s tiny. It folds. It can hold a prosumer dSLR and nice lens without falling over or wobbling. Behold, the Altura Tabletop Mini  Tripod. Weighing in at about $15, this little tripod is a great grab-n-go option that won’t take up much space in your bag. But, it’s not without shortcomings, few though they be. 

Quick Specs

This diminutive foldable mini tripod is just 7 x 4 x 3 inches fully extended and weights about 6oz (170g). The manufacturer claims it will support up to 2.5lbs (1100g), and my testing validates this. However, camera/lens combos nearing the limit mark may tip over if the lens is especially tripod

Two smaller legs fold out to form a tripod with the larger central leg. The standard-sized tripod mount screw (1/4″-20) is cased in a knurled plastic thumbscrew. The “head” is adjustable only in that the vertical angle can be adjusted. There is no height adjustment available, either via the head assembly or the legs. Better grab a variety of different thickness books if you want to change the height of this mini tripod. There is also no way to adjust horizontal level, but this may not be a big deal as most tables and floors are fairly flat. 🙂

Weight Limit Tests

I tested this little tripod with a few different bodies and lenses to see if the manufacturer claims were accurate. Generally, they are spot on. My results:

CameraLensCombined WeightStable?
Canon t5iCanon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 1lb 9oz (710g)Yes!
Canon 6DCanon EF 35mm f/2 IS2lb 7oz (1050g)Yes!
Canon 6DCanon EF 24-105 f/4 IS3lb 2oz (1420g)No!

The Verdictmini tripod

For $15, this thing is a no-brainer. It can be used for SLRs, point-n-shoots, flashes, digital recorders, and smartphones (with proper tripod adapter), and anything else that can attach to a standard tripod screw mount. It’s small, light, and very sturdy up to the stated weight of 2.5lb. It’s not perfect, but all things considered, it’s a great value.