Canon EF to FujiFilm X Mount Adapter

Viltrox Canon EF to FujiFilm X Mount Adapter Review

Viltrox has introduced the EF-FX1, a Canon EF / EF-S to FujiFilm X Mount lens adapter that allows autofocus Canon lenses to…use guessed it…mount and autofocus on FujiFilm cameras with the X Mount (all of their APS-C interchangeable lens mirrorless…

nikon d610 in 2018

Is it Worth Getting a Nikon D610 in 2019?

If you’ve been wanting to get a full-frame dSLR, there are some great mid-priced options that are now getting even cheaper as they age, and the Nikon D610 is a prime example. But is it worth getting a Nikon D610…

FujiFilm X100S in 2018

FujiFilm X100S in 2019: Can it Still Perform?

The FujiFilm X100 series of fixed-lens rangefinder-style cameras are loved by many and for good reason. The X100S was the first in the series to feature Fuji’s XTRANS sensor; but is it still a viable camera some five years later?

Opteka 85mm f/1.8

Opteka 85mm f/1.8 – 2019 Review

Now is the golden age of cheap dSLR lenses, and a popular option lately (for many lens mounts) is the Opteka 85mm f/1.8 manual focus lens. Read on for a review and sample images (dat bokeh!).

Helios 44 Bokeh Comparison

Helios 44 Bokeh Comparison at Different f-stops

The Helios 44 family of 58mm prime lenses is beloved for it’s quirky and often ethereal bokeh and blur. Let’s take a closer look at the Helios 44 bokeh compared by f-stops, ranging from its widest at f/2 up through…

Editing JPEGs with Camera Raw

Editing JPEGs with Camera Raw: Quick Tutorial

Shooting RAW provides many advantages over JPEG, but the primary reason cited by most photographers is post-production and editing capabilities. But there is a way to edit JPEGs using the same Adobe Camera Raw plugin filters that are generally used…

Depth of Field - f/1.8

Quick Study on Depth of Field

Articles and videos throw around the term “depth of field” quite casually, as if everyone already knows what it means. Depth of Field (DOF from here on out) could actually also be called “depth of focus” or maybe even “focus…