Phantom 3 Backpack / Case Review

So you’ve got your crazy-cheap and excellent Phantom 3 Standard (my review is here) on a blowout deal, but now you need some kind of case to carry it and all the related accessories around. There are a ton of options for this on Amazon and Ebay, but since we’re phrugral photographers, a good and cheap option is highly preferable.

The Inside Scoop

I ended up going with the brand-less “Hardshell Waterproof Backpack for DJI Phantom 3 Shoulder Bag” from Amazon. It holds the drone, the controller, three batteries (plus the one in the drone), and has space for the chargers, cables, props, and tools. The Interior foam is stiff enough to be tough, but flexible enough to go easy on your precious drone toys. The cutouts are very well done and fit the drone and controller perfectly and snugly. It took me a few tries to figure out how the controller fits, but once you fold back the phone holder arm the right way, it fits in there like a glove.

The marketing claims the case is waterproof and crush-proof, but frankly I’ve not tested for these. It seems tough enough for airline travel, but I have doubts about the waterproof claim.

What Models Fit?

Any of the Phantom 3 line of drones themselves will fit, but the space cut out for the controller directly fits the Standard controller only. You could expand the cutout to make it fit the larger controllers for the pricier models, but as is there isn’t enough open space.

The Verdict

After about two months of use, I’m very happy with this product. At about $55 delivered, this is a excellent value for a drone case. The backpack format makes it easier to haul about if you’re headed into the woods or other outdoor destinations. It’s rugged, fairly stylish, not uncomfortable to wear, and neatly and securely holds everything you need for your drone excursions. Get one!