50mm STM Lenses

Which Canon 50mm Lens to Buy?

There are a bevy of Canon 50mm lenses available on the market now, and historically it’s been the most popular focal length for 35mm cameras (and the dSLRs they spawned). A comparison of all the options can be daunting, but…

cheap extension tubes Accessories

Are Cheap Extension Tubes Any Good?

If you want to shoot macro photography without the cost and bulk associated with a dedicated macro lens, a set of extension tubes is just the ticket. There are many options on the market, ranging from pricey OEM tubes down…

Opteka 500mm Lenses

Opteka 500mm / 1000mm Lens Review

A sub-$125 lens than claims 500mm and 1000mm reach seems far-fetched, and yet Opteka offers just that in a lens with a fixed f/6.3 aperture. It’s cheap, sure, but can the Opteka 500mm deliver image quality beyond it’s price point?