Movo NS-2 Camera Wrist Strap Review

camera wrist strap

If you’re not a fan of traditional camera straps, consider giving the Movo NS-2 camera wrist strap a try. It’s light, strong, and helps prevent drops of your cameras and lenses. Best of all, it’s cheap (under $15 USD).

Movo NS-2 Camera Wrist Strap Overview

The Movo NS-2 camera wrist strap is pretty simple. It’s got an open loop for your hand, a quick-disconnect clip to separate the loop from the rest of the strap, and a threaded connector that screws the whole thing into a camera’s tripod threads.

Unlike like a lot of similar products the Movo NS-2 is truly a wrist strap not unlike what used to come with point-and-shoot cameras in the 80s and 90s. Other “hand straps” hold the camera tight to your hand while you are shooting by connecting to the top and bottom of the camera and then being tightened to taste. But the Movo only connects to the bottom of the camera, so it’s only function is prevent damage from a drop.

camera wrist strapAlso, there is nothing adjustable on this camera wrist strap. The the size of the loop opening and the length of the tether are fixed. The hand loop portion is neoprene and thus somewhat stretchy, so it should fit even fairly large hands. But otherwise, it is what it is in terms of size and fit. If you need adjustability, look elsewhere.

Reasons to Buy This Camera Wrist Strap

  • It’s well made and feels sturdy and secure.
  • It can hold a heavy DSLR (such as the Canon 6D) along with a lens, flash, and vertical shutter grip.
  • The quick disconnect is nice feature
  • It’s smaller and lighter than regular shoulder strap
  • It’s great for travel our outdoor excursions
  • It’s cheap! (about $15 USD).

Here’s a direct link to the Amazon product page for the Novo NS-2 Camera Wrist Strap.