camera wrist strap

Movo NS-2 Camera Wrist Strap Review

If you’re not a fan of traditional camera straps, consider giving the Movo NS-2 camera wrist strap a try. It’s light, strong, and helps prevent drops of your cameras and lenses. Best of all, it’s cheap (under $15 USD). Movo…

50mm STM

Which Canon 50mm Lens to Buy?

There are a bevy of 50mm lenses available on the market now, and historically it’s been the most popular focal length for 35mm cameras (and the dSLRs they spawned). A comparison of all the options can be daunting, but following…

Free Stock Photo

Free Stock Photo Sites That Don’t Suck

Yes, even pros need to rely on stock photography every once in a while. But for us advanced amateurs looking to squeeze every nickel until Jefferson screams, free stock photo sites are the way to go. UPDATED!

Canon 18-55mm

Canon 18-55mm EF-M – Review and Sample Pics

The Canon 18-55mm EF-M IS is the main “kit lens” of Canon’s mirrorless camera family. It’s small and light, but does it deliver the goods on image quality? (scroll to the bottom for sample pics)

eos m mirrorless

Canon EOS M Mirrorless Camera – Review

Introduced in 2012, the EOS M was Canon’s first foray into the world of interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras. It’s almost 6 years old now, but the technology holds up well and used prices are very low, making it a great…

Travel Photography Camera Bag

Travel Photography Camera Bag – Review

There are many, many camera bags to choose from, but if you need one that is optimized for travel photography (especially airline travel and its often ludicrous requirements), read on for a very inexpensive option.